Our Overall champion is 'The Punch and Judy Crow' by Barbera Upton.

We are pleased to announce the FIRST PLACE winners as:

Most creative: 'Midsummer Rider' by Colin Stevens
Scariest: 'Vlad didn’t like the situation he’d been put-in...' by Sophie Parekh
Best Family: 'The Punch and Judy Crow' by Barbara upton
Musical/Misc: 'Summer Lovin' by Judy Cook
Made by under 18's: 'Our summer' by OSCA Childcare at Mengham Infant School
Sunbathing/Watersports: 'Beryl' by Emily Harries


Most creative: 'Spud' by Stoke Fruit Farm
Scariest: 'Scream' by Geeta Hampson
Best Family: 'Welcome Aboard' by Caleb and Katie
Musical/Misc: 'Summer Holiday' by Louise Hext
Made by under 18's: 'Carl the Scarecrow' by Finlay and Jessica Trumper
Sunbathing/Watersports: 'Pepperelli's' by Pepperelli's Icecream Parlour

THIRD PLACE goes to:

Most creative: 'The Mad Hatter and Alice having a summer tea party' by Mad Hatters
Scariest: 'Lifeboat' by The Lifeboat Inn
Best Family: 'Olaf' by Karen Law and family
Musical/Misc: 'TOUR DE FRANCE' by Peter Loveridge
Made by under 18's: Farmer Sam by 'Happy Kids Childcare'
Sunbathing/Watersports: 'Sunny Jim' by Dilkusha Diamonds


Most creative: 'Mr Tall & Mr Small Summer holiday' by Tonie and Louis King
Scariest: 'Jewson Joe' by Richard Chandler
Best Family: 'Aliens on holiday' by Liz Procter
Musical/Misc: 'Lazy Sunday' by Hayling book and music venue
Made by under 18's: 'Welcome aboard' by Caleb and Katie
Sunbathing/Watersports: 'Kenny goes Kayaking' by Lisa Fair (Kayakshak)

FIFTH PLACE goes to:

Most creative: 'Mr Bear' by SPRout Workshop
Scariest: 'Hayling Islander' by The Hayling Islander
Best Family: 'Ice cream crow' by Jodie Popplewell
Musical/Misc: 'Fun time fishing' by Sarah Bailey
Made by under 18's: 'Octopus' by Samantha Mackinnon
Sunbathing/Watersports: 'Hayling Hawaiisland' by Nadine Dunaway

SIXTH PLACE goes to:

Most creative:'Dizzy Daisy' by Seaside Florist
Scariest: 'Flotsam and Jetsam' by Rosemary Satchell
Best Family: 'Silver surfer' by Hayling Wheelchair Services LTD
Musical/Misc: 'Liberate in conjuntion with Auntie Wainwright' by Liberate
Made by under 18's: 'Minion' by Crafty Turners Club Hayling Hardware
Sunbathing/Watersports: 'Beach babe' by Christine, Thomas, Libby and Martha