'Same Difference' duet, Sean and Sarah Smith share a moment with Sam
'Same Difference' duet, Sean and Sarah Smith share a moment with Sam



 Church Farm

 25 July


 We all got the chance to meet our ambassadors 'Same Difference' whislt they were performing at Church Farm, which is where our caravan is situated. The local duo from Portsmouth came to prominence in 2007 when they finished third in the fourth series of UK television talent show, The X factor, before going on to have a successful pop career. They are now touring the country and developing there own performing school called Pop Academy.

They were so impressed with our charity that they have offered to become our 'ambassadors' and we are really looking forward to working with them.

Whilst at church farm the entertainment team agreed to pass round our charity buckets and Same Difference donated all their sales from merchandise to us. This resulted in the much appreciated amount of £192 being raised. Thank you to same difference and all at church farm, including the holiday makers.

We returned to Church Farm the following morning morning for the kids to join in the pop academy session and it was lovely to see all the kids perform together. Well done to Sarah, Sean and Craig who managed to get approx 30 kids to sing and dance in less than three hours.


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