Paediatric Department

The services of the Paediatric Unit, provides acute care for a population of approximately 1,000 children with a yellow card. The yellow card means that the child has a life changing/ limiting condition that needs regular support or input and have open access to the children assessment unit rather than having to be referred by GPs etc.  Sam is one of those children.

They care for more than 7,000 emergency medical admissions each year plus planned and emergency surgical conditions. 


The Paediatric Unit has various wards where the child may be treated:

Children's Assessment Unit (CAU) - Where the child attends before being admitted to the wards.

Starfish - General medicine.  (which has been Sam’s second home for a considerable time)

Shipwreck - Children’s surgical ward, where children from

A & E are admitted.

Paediatric Outpatients 


All the staff work as a team and whilst the child is with the unit, parents are encouraged to become a part of that team, caring for the child and contributing to the decisions made about the child’s care and treatment.

We have nothing but praise for the staff and feel that it is somewhat symbolic that Sam was the very first child to be admitted to the paediatric unit when it first opened in 2010, and that we are now launching this charity in his name to help other children in a similar situation in the same unit.


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